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About Us

Leverage Your Edge

We believe that everyone has their own way of looking at the world. This gives them their own unique strengths or “edge”. We aim to help you to make the most of your edge.

Our edge is that we love to build. This makes us good at creating technology relating to Programming, Finance and Statistics, and helping and training people in those areas. This is the reason we call ourselves “The Institute of Quantitative Technology”. We aim to help you to leverage your edge by providing products such as software programs and libraries, and services such as training courses and consulting.

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Nikhil Shenai

Dr. Nikhil Shenai

Founder & CEO

PhD Financial Econometrics, Imperial

MSc Finance, Imperial
MA Economics, Cambridge

We are led by Dr. Nikhil Shenai, a technologist with a background in Finance, Statistics and Programming, gained from research and his experience at Accenture. He ensures quality and consistency across our projects. His previous work in consulting and training can be seen at

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BTech Electrical & Electronics Engineering

MA Experience Design, Hyper Island UKz

Ranjit focuses on Growth and Strategy at the IQT. He is also responsible for innovation, automation and applications of emerging technologies.

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Ranjit Bhinge

Innovation & Strategy


PhD Econometrics and Quantitative Finance, Imperial

MSc Mathematics, Statistics, Operational Research and Economics, Warwick

Dr. Marina Theodosiou is the Chief Data Scientist at Two. She has extensive experience in Credit Risk and specialises in working with start-ups; her former roles include work at Oodle Car Finance, Monzo Bank and The Funding Circle.

She advises The IQT on Data Science applications.

Dr. Marina Theodosiou

Data Science Expert


PhD Mathematics, Caltech

MSc Mathematics, Imperial
MA Mathematics, Cambridge

Dr. Nahid Walji is a Lecturer and Researcher at the University of British Columbia. He has deep Mathematical skills from his extensive research in Number Theory and has an interest in applications of Linear Algebra and Probability in Finance.
He advises The IQT on Mathematical applications within our trading and data science offerings.

Dr. Nahid Walji

Advanced Mathematics Expert



General feedback from our clients

Rodney Ngone

​Chief Investment Officer, Sagat Capital Limited

Nikhil provided excellent customised training in Mathematics and [Matlab] Programming from basic to advanced levels that truly exceeded my expectations. He has given me a clear and logical framework and is also assisting with some of my firm's Algorithmic Research.

Sanjaya Ranasinghe

Technical Director, WiredScore

Dr Nikhil Shenai has delivered onsite training in Python for WiredScore for 2 years running, taking 6 delegates from novice to intermediate level. He created and delivered an excellent course based on my requirements, providing a custom course book as well as hands-on examples, exercises and solutions. The delegates, who range from the Head of Global Expansion to the Director of Operations, can now apply Python to speed up their work and analysis.

Professor Paolo Zaffaroni

Chair of Finance and Professor of Financial Econometrics, Imperial College Business School

Nikhil completed his PhD in Financial Econometrics and a three month post-doctoral assignment after the PhD in exceptional fashion, demonstrating a strong commitment to quality and detail in his work, ambitious uptake of cutting-edge techniques, and fast and innovative methods of tackling problems, particularly with regards to software development.


Reviews by our clients

Nikhil helped me to understand complex Econometrics topics such as Stationarity, Cointegration, and the use of the Johansen test and cointegrating eigenvectors to formulate pairs and triplet trading strategies. He also helped with analysis based on our data and provided a simple heuristic based on a Bollinger Band strategy in Matlab.

Mark Levy

Independent Trader

I had a vision for a Financial platform, but was new to programming. I wanted to learn Python from scratch as it can implement all the functionality I require.

Nikhil brought me up to speed with basic syntax, then helped me gain intermediate-level proficiency and confidence in applying theory to solve problems, by working through fun and relevant Hackerrank challenges with me (I have now completed over 50, covering topics from Numpy to Object-Oriented Programming).

He then introduced me to Jupyter Notebooks, which he used to help me to design the foundational components of my platform. I am now confident that I can build the platform, and will continue to work with Nikhil going forwards to implement my vision.

Name Confidential

Private Equity Investor

Nikhil built a highly sophisticated correlation IndicatorEA and supporting Library of functions for me. All are excellent and were done for a very reasonable price. Since then we have worked together on extending the tools' functionality and I will definitely go to him again for my future projects.

Rishi Gohill

Proprietary Trader and Founder, Gohill Trading Company Limited

Quantitative Consulting
Quantitative Training


Reviews by our clients

It is hard to find an instructor as intelligent as Nikhil, who is still able to connect with and encourage students whose knowledge base is far less familiar with foreign Finance topics and difficult theories and concepts. He prepares lessons perfectly catered to each students' needs and is patient and highly accommodating of different learning styles. I will be continuing lessons with Nikhil this summer to learn a bit about Excel and [Matlab and SQL] Programming and did not hesitate when choosing him as my teacher. Anything he has the ability to teach I would take, as again, it's rare to find an instructor as capable yet mindful of students' needs and unique learning styles.

Lauren Warner

Masters student studying Finance at LSE and then Innovation at Imperial College Business School

Result: 2.1 (required a Pass)

I needed Econometrics help with implementing multivariate volatility models for my MPhil dissertation. Nikhil was very helpful in showing me how to use programs in and eViews to get my results and provide support with methodology and project structure, while maintaining an ethical distance from doing the project for me.

Name and Course Confidential

MPhil student, University of Cambridge

Result: High 1st (required a 2.1)

I gained Nikhil's help in understanding the theory of a challenging Statistics course and how to apply it in R. He was patient and helped me gain confidence in this tricky area.

Nathalie Czarnecki

Masters Student studying Political Science, UCL

Result: Pass (required a Pass)

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