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Product - Advantage


Algorithmic Trading with MT4 made easy

Advantage helps traders develop algorithmic trading strategies as quickly as possible using MQL4 programming on the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) trading platform.

The automation inherent in algorithmic trading can benefit any systematic trading style, even discretionary / manual, by enabling the tracking of more setups or management of more trades than possible through human analysis alone.

Advantage takes the form of a zip folder containing a user guide pdf and a set of template programs (Expert Advisors, Indicators and Scripts) which link to 1000s of lines of supporting code (in Include and Library files).

Advantage is built primarily for Windows systems.

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Benefits of Advantage

Watch the video for more details.


Advantage makes it easier to write your trading strategies – you can write at least 66% less code for simple strategies, and even less for more complex strategies (%-wise).

Advanced Functionality

Advantage extends MQL4’s functionality to enable more sophisticated strategies, such as scalping, partial closes and trailing stoplosses.

Expanding Feature Set

The feature set of Advantage is consistently expanding. We plan to create MT4 indicators to enable algorithmic trading based on news events and sentiment soon.


Advantage is supported by guides, help files, a weekly office hour and a user forum where you can discuss your programming and trading.

No Substitutes

There are no other products like Advantage in the world market.

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Code Comparison: Advantage vs Standard MQL4

See the video to see code previews and more details.

Advantage's most important benefits are Simplicity and Advanced Functionality

Simplicity: for simple strategies, code is at least 66% shorter and has simpler syntax.

Advanced Functionality: trailing stoplosses, partial closes and scalping are much easier to implement. Code is approximately 85% shorter and again is simpler.

Chart annotation is also improved, making visual analysis of charts faster and easier.

Advantage is an MT4 Plugin that organizes your MQL4 code, saving you time, effort and countless lines of code.

  • Advantage standardizes most common use cases within MQL4, exposing functions that save you time

  • It does most of the heavy lifting in your implementation - allowing you to focus on your algorithm and logic

  • You can get a lot more done with a lot less time, resources and code

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About Advantage

View this video to know about the product - Advantage.

  • How does it work?
    Advantage is an MT4 Plugin. Once downloaded, you'll be able to install it, register and then use it via the Expert Advisors section of the Navigator Pane in MT4.
  • How will Advantage affect my MQL4 code?
    Advantage is a library that acts as a wrapper around the most commonly used functionalities in MQL4. Code that incorporates Advantage's functions will be organized, very concise, and easy to manage.
  • What platforms is Advantage compatible with?
    Currently Advantage focuses on MQL4 code and is an MT4 plugin. In case we extend our capabilities in the future we'll make sure to let you know!
  • How do I join the Beta program?
    By clicking the button above you'll be asked for some basic information before we set up a call with you. We'll then guide you with the download and installation, and walk you through your first MT4 implementation with Advantage.
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